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23 AVR 2018

Hitachi, a japanese company made the fastest elevator in the World. During tests at the CFT Finance Center in Guangzhou, the elevator reached a top speed of 75,6 km/h ! It is a new world record.... Read more

04 AVR 2018

Elevators enhance upper floors In 1860, Stigler founded an engineering company. In 1898, this company will become Sigler Elevator Electric. From 1860 to 1864, Grosvenor Hotel in London is the only... Read more

16 MAR 2018

15 - 18 October 2019 I Exhibition Centre Augsburg I Germany   interlift 2017: World’s leading trade fair with new top scores Augsburg – The interlift 2017 was the most successful one... Read more

09 MAR 2018

Since a few years, we talk about artificial intelligence for our lifts. Today, we would like to clarify the situation.   Let’s try to explain what is the Artificial intelligence. To be... Read more

15 FEV 2018

It was nearly invisible but in 2017, 2 years after Mitsubishi, Hitachi made the fastest elevator in the world. We will use this opportunity to look at this speed race again. - In 1931:... Read more

08 FEV 2018

Invention In 1849, the counterweight appears. The goal is to build higher buildings and to move elevators faster.The idea of using a pulley to counterbalance the weight of the cabin seems to be... Read more

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