Accessibility in public area, a priority for 96% of the french people

It is a real awareness for people because they suffer from difficulties in a daily basis. 96 % of the people questioned believe that accessibility in public area must be a top priority and a sign of equality for everybody.
For those people, the lack of accessibility is present in cultural places, administrative center and schools. In the opposite, they are pleased by the accessibility in hospitals, train stations, airports and malls.


In thirty years, the rate of elevators installed did not evolve

87 % of the people questioned (91 % are elders) believe that it is important to install an elevator in buildings with less than 4 floors. Today, we must install an elevator only if the building has 4 floors in minimum. The problem is here. The last few years, building constructors prefered buildings with 3 floors and less. In the end, the number of elevators installed did not change but the population is still growing old.