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Kinetic Energy Recovery System

Residential and commercial buildings have a great impact towards energy consumption which has steadily increased reaching figures between 20% and 40% in developed countries. More specifically, almost 60% of the world’s electricity is consumed in residential and commercial buildings. Elevators represent 2-5% of the energy used in a typical building but during the busy periods of their daily operation, elevators could account for as much as 50% of a buildings’ energy consumption. In an increasingly urban world, energy efficient elevators are imperative. DOPPLER proves its extensive concern over environmental issues by investing on cutting edge technology. DOPPLER proudly introduces RECO+ which converts the wasted energy into electricity. RECO+ differs from other energy saving systems since it doesn’t feed the recovered energy back to the electric grid but it saves it into supercapacitors in order to use it to the next cabin’s movement.

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