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Your safety is our top priority at DOPPLER. We ensure that the lift becomes compliant to the most modern safety regulations (EN 81-80 / Safety standards for Existing Lifts). In the process of redesigning your elevator we install a wide range of safety features to ensure that the system will be 100% safe. For the user In case of a power failure, the car lighting turns on immediately and the automatic emergency operation allows the safe evacuation of the cabin. Moreover, an emergency call system provides direct contact between passengers and front desk/rescue service. Passengers are protected from closing doors through a light curtain system which uses scores of multiple infrared light beams. The precise leveling accuracy system ensures passenger’s safety while entering and exiting the elevator. For the maintainer Plenty of old lifts have hazardous gaps between the cabin and the shaft walls. Doppler balustrades on the car top are used for extra protection Modern designed car top control box eliminates the risk of an accident when working from the car top, which is a necessary operation of maintenance.

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